3D Dental Imaging

Our office is happy to announce that we are now offering 3D Dental imaging. 3D dental imaging is the new standard of dental care.

This new and innovative technology allows us to see your mouth in a way never previously possible with regular 2 dimensional x-rays. With this new technology, we are better equipped to diagnose any problems and provide the most effective treatment options.

3D technology is the state of the art diagnostic tool with very limited exposure to radiation.

This 3D technology helps with treatment in 3 specific areas


We will know before moving forward with an extraction of if there are any vital structures that could be damaged, whether an abscess or cyst is present, the size of the lesion and whether or not there may be complications due to the extraction.

Endodontic Procedures ( Root Canals )

3D technology will help visualize the number of nerve canals in each tooth, whether or not the nerve canals are calcified or if the root is fractured. Knowing this before performing a root canal will tell us if the root canal procedure would be the best treatment or if an extraction should be done.

Implant Placement

This technology is the gold standard. We can measure your bone to see if there is adequate bone to support an implant. We will be able to see the location of vital structures so that the implant is placed correctly. Having this information will greatly increase the success of your implants. With top of the line technology along with 30 years of clinical experience, our patients can feel assured that you are being treat with the accuracy and confidence that you deserve.