Our Office

The story begins in 1992 when Dr. Ronnie Deniger and his wife, Dr. Susan Silvestri decided to open an office on the corner of Cross Gates and Gause Blvd., East. His gentle touch, compassionate approach, and commitment to staying at the forefront of dental technology has made him a respected dentist in Slidell for over 30 years. Both doctors shared a passion for providing the best dental treatment and continued to learn and purchase the best equipment in order to keep current with the new dental technology.

Deniger & Silvestri Dentistry has been a cornerstone of oral healthcare providing quality service and smiles to the Slidell community. Dr. Deniger, the owner and lead dentist, has been the face of the practice since its inception. His dedication and expertise have created a legacy that will continue to thrive even as a new chapter begins.

In February 2000, Dr. Deniger started offering Dental Implants to his patients. He traveled the country learning the various techniques of placing implants, and bone grafting, while mastering the small details to ensure implant success. In 2023, Dr. Silvestri retired but Dr. Deniger continues to practice full time. Although he has no plans of retiring soon, the time came to add another dentist to take the place of Dr. Silvestri.

In June 2023, Dr. Deniger welcomed Dr. Preston Bivona to the practice. During this transition he decided to entrust his life’s work to Dr. Bivona. Dr. Bivona’s knowledge, talent, passion, and dedication to patients made him the perfect fit to carry on the practice’s tradition of excellence. This new association reflected change to the practice’s name. To celebrate the new era, we rebranded as Cross Gates Dental, a reflection of the growing community and the legacy it aims to preserve. Dr. Deniger is looking forward to continuing to help his patients receive the best dental care possible.

The staff at Cross Gates Dental is a family oriented tight-knit group. Their characterists carry over through quality patient care you receive from the moment you arrive.